Pendrive Lock


  • Genuine Pendrive Lock [1 PC – Lifetime]
  • No-CD/DVD Pack included.
  • MM Video’s Download Link and Key will be Sent via Mail.
  • Protection From Virus


Pendrive Lock devices (flash drives, USB sticks etc.) offer many advantages for us. However, at the same time, they cause security problems because it is easy to copy a lot of files to a tiny Pendrive in a few seconds. We might have some secure data on our PC which we do not want other users to copy through the Pendrive. Therefore, we many need to define a Pendrive to make Pendrive drives write protected or not to be accessed through the system.

  1. Full Access  (Copy & Paste)
  2. See Only  (See Without Copy Data)
  3. Block (Can’t Copy & Paste Data and also can’t show drive on your system)
  4. Protection From Virus


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